About Artist:

Siddeeq Matthew, previously known as 'eyezofman', is an independent Hip-Hop vocalist, songwriter and producer from Leicester, UK. Brother of A-Bomb of Yard26 Recordings and previously a member of the 12-man crew 'Speech Ferapy'. His sound incorporates the traditional Hip-Hop cultural authenticity with progressive lyricism and song structures, addressing subjects such as social and political ills, the biases of the music industry, the tragic loss of Hip-Hop culture in the mainstream as well as personal struggles and just battleground bragging lyricism. Working closely with A-Bomb at Yard26, the audio and video quality in his work has been exceptional for independent releases.

Previous Appearances:

  • He featured on 2 of Ed209's EP's alongside Cappo and Konny Kon (VRD records)
  • Cappo's EP ‘Resilience’ (Main Rock Records)
  • Lowkeys mixtape ‘Key to the Game'
  • Speech Ferapy mix tapes (Yard26)
  • eyezofman & A-Bomb EP 'Lost Kingdoms' (NGU Records)
  • Siddeeq Matthew – ‘Cold Summers’ album (Yard26)
  • Seeker & Siddeeq Matthew Ft. A-Bomb – ‘Cycle’ (Yard26)
  • Siddeeq Matthew – ‘Got That’ video (Yard26)


Siddeeq Matthew has appeared on local radio and featured on blogs and web series. He has forthcoming freestyles and songs planned for early 2016 including a single featuring the singer Mierous Hennessy. Live shows in Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham and London are planned also. He is currently open to working with partners and interested parties in working on a larger scale release.

For more information, enquiries and bookings please contact – info@yard26digital.com